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Here are the release notes for the most recent major release of 3Delight for 3ds Max. For some details of what is coming in the next version, refer to the Changelog.




3Delight for 3ds Max 2.0

February 2015


  • Introducing 3Delight’s proven rendering technology with production grade path-tracing and REYES algorithms.
  • High quality rendering of smooth subdivision surfaces, fine displacements, hair, particles, motion-blur, depth of field, subsurface scattering and more. 
  • Multi-Light output and interactive mixer. This unique feature allows for per-light AOVs output (including separation of environment and incandescence) as well as real-time light mixing using 3Delight’s i-Display, an advanced Image Viewer.
  • Easy to use physically plausible materials. Including highly versatile 3Delight MaterialSkin Material and Hair Material.
  • Advanced Layers system unique to 3Delight. Easily manage and render AOVs. A set of useful and easy to compose set of AOVs is provided.
  • Support for Third Party Plugins. Out-of-the-box support of Massive, Shave & a Haircut and OpenVDB.  
  • Support for many V-Ray shaders: VRayDirt, VRayHDRI, VRayLight, VRayLightMtl, VRayMap, VRayMt. Scenes using theses materials should render fine in 3Delight for 3ds Max. This allows easy integration of 3Delight for 3ds Max into existing pipelines.

Supported Versions

  • The plugin works with 3ds Max 2014 and 3ds Max 2015 (the same 3Delight for 3ds Max plugin works for both versions).
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