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This section explains how to use 3Delight for Maya features that are still in development.

What to expect

In a nutshell: some bugs. Also, possible issues when updating your 3Delight installation later down the road. In other words, you might need to re-create pre-release nodes for a given scene after updating your 3Delight installation. 

We would really like to get your feedback regarding these features. There is a forum to discuss them here (link coming soon). You can also contact us by email.

Enabling Pre-Release Features

Pre-release features are hidden by default. They can be shown by changing a preferences setting.

The Pre-Release tab of the 3Delight Preferences window.

 Show how to access this setting...
  • Bring up the 3Delight Preferences window either by:
    • choosing the 3Delight → Preferences... menu item, or
    • clicking on the Prefs button of the 3Delight Shelf.
  • Select the Pre-Release tab.
  • Enable the Show pre-release features setting.

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